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Cyberweb Hotels, LLC -  Hotel Technology Company

We can help you achieve your digital goals with our team of experts. ​As a company, we are always eager to offer our customers digital services that add value to their lives. Our online solutions are designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Make your potential customers aware of your brand and engage them with powerful digital experiences.

Digital Brand Building

The concept of digital branding is how you design and build your brand online using websites, social media, video, etc. In order to reach a larger audience and generate more leads or customers, you need a well-designed website. Your products and services can be reviewed much more readily and easily if you use a website. 

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Google Travel

Google Travel is an OTA owned by Google, the leader in advertisement globally. Use Cyberweb’s partnership with Google to your advantage and save $100,000 a year on Expedia, booking.com and other OTA fees. Cyberweb will optimize your inventory for maximum exposure to the leading search engine - Google. This service is specially designed for hotels that have direct bookings from Google from users all over the world.

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Review Management

Our All review management systems make it easy and powerful for hotels to listen to their guests' feedback and take action as a result and also allow future guests to book rooms with positive reviews on Tripadvisor and Expedia, as well as effectively respond to negative reviews on all major portals including Medallia, Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Google. 

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Asktery Chatbot

Hotel Chatbot the new team member in the hospitality of the future that has the potential to drive 4 times more bookings to the hotel. They can reach out to more customers, improve engagement and boost room bookings. Using AskTery chatbot we can track and monitor visitors questions, repeated areas which we can highlight more or if issues we can resilve.

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Revenue Management

Hoteliers can easily optimize room rates, increase occupancy & enhance RevPAR by setting-up most effective hotel room rates that allow you to sell maximum rooms at the highest price. Cyberweb’s revenue management team will implement comprehensive strategy across all OTAs and brand website to ensure you get the highest occupancy and revenue.

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Hotel Success Service

Expand your booking and achieve greater success for your hotel with ​Local Marketing, Frontdesk Phone Recording, Pay-Per-Click and Email Marketing and other services that will improve your performance and profits, will get higher revenue and profits and a proven return on investment and access to cutting-edge research and ideas for hotel success.

  • Google Local Marketing: A set of advanced marketing strategies designed to get you higher listings on Google Local and Google Maps.
  • Front desk Phone Recording: With Cyberweb’s PhoneWizard we can record all conversation with the hotel front desk and help you improve the quality of phone communication.
  • Pay-Per-Click: Get higher targeted traffic, more bookings and higher profitability with this proven advertising method.
  • Email Marketing: Cyberweb’s Econtactpower software allows you to send email offers, discount package and updates to your loyal guests and potential guests. Send tens of thousands of emails and track whether the messages are effective.
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